FullSizeRenderResearch Biography: 

Prof. Landry is a socio-cultural anthropologist who works in the Afro-Atlantic world. He has worked with Vodún and orisa worshipers in coastal West Africa  and with practitioners of Vodou in Haiti and in the United States. Through ethnographic research, Prof. Landry seeks to understand the ways in which autochthonous West African religions and their derivatives move around the globe.

In his current research project, Seeking Divine Power, Prof. Landry explores the ways in which the globalization of Vodún (Bénin) is encouraged by the formation of transnational religious-based markets, global media, and international spiritual tourism.

In the near future, Prof. Landry will build upon this research by focusing on the ways in which sorcery in Benin help us to understand what it means to be “ontologically alive.”

Research and Teaching Interests:

Theoretical/Topical Interests: Transnationalism/globalization, tourism and pilgrimage, diaspora; material culture, secrecy, ritual, ceremony, magic, spirit possession; research methods, multi-sited ethnography, apprenticeship-as-method, and ethnographic writing.

Regional Interests: African Atlantic, coastal West Africa (especially Bénin and Nigeria), African diasporas, Afro-Caribbean (especially Cuba and Haiti), and Afro-Europe.

Timothy R. Landry, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Religious Studies
Trinity College
Hartford, CT 06106